International Toll-Free Lines

From Brazil: 0800-890-0288 or 0800-8888-288 then 888-353-9930
From Indonesia: 001-803-1-006-8065
From Mexico: 01-800-288-2872 then 888-353-9930
From Norway: 800-116-55
From Philippines: 105-11 then 888-353-9930
From Singapore: 800-110-1793
From Thailand: 011-800-11-009-6939
From Trinidad: 1-800-872-2881 then 888-353-9930
From the United Kingdom: 0808-234-3670
From Vietnam - 1-201-0228; at the ATT prompt dial 877-776-1001
From Malaysia - 1-800-81-6245

Please note that the call must be made from the country in which the number is designated, and the call must be made from a land line with international access. In addition, only dial the numbers as they appear above - no prefixes, country codes, or additional numbers are necessary when dialing. For those countries with a single number, you will be connected directly to a specialist in that country's predominant language. For those countries that have a second number listed, after you dial the first number, you will hear the AT&T international prompt to enter the second number. Once the second number is dialed, you will be asked to select the language you would like to speak. Please be patient, as the process may take several minutes.

US Toll-Free Line


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