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GulfMark maintains a balanced global footprint in key energy-producing regions.

We remain one of the largest operators of Platform Supply Vessels in the North Sea, and we have established a significant presence in Southeast Asia through the provision of new construction vessels including DP2 Anchor Handling Towing & Supply (AHTS) vessels. We also operate one of the largest, modern US Flag fleets, with key concentrations in Trinidad, Mexico and Brazil that complement a large presence in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Americas Region Vessels - GulfMark


GulfMark maintains a strong and growing presence in the Americas region, with principal operating bases in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Mexico and Trinidad. Throughout the region, we operate some of the industry's most modern, high-specification vessels. Although we specialize in the more rigorous deepwater environment, our innovative, next-generation DP2 Anchor Handlers and Platform Supply Vessels, along with our ultra-modern Fast Supply Vessels, provide critical support services in all water depths.

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Americas Region vessels
North Sea Region Vessels - GulfMark

North Sea

Historically the most demanding of all offshore oil and gas exploration frontiers due to harsh weather and sea conditions, the North Sea was GulfMark's original geographic focus. Our high-spec fleet is designed to operate effectively in these conditions and we remain one of the largest operators of Platform Supply Vessels in this market.

Our North Sea operations include offshore Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland, the Norwegian Sea and the area West of Shetland. While we have the capability to serve all three North Sea sub-markets – exploration, production platform support, and field development including subsea services – our fleet is primarily oriented towards Platform Supply Vessels. We regularly deploy tonnage from our North Sea fleet to meet customers' offshore needs in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and both East and West Africa.

Ever focused on safe operations in this challenging environment, our UK office maintains certifications under ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; and 18001:2007.

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North Sea Region vessels
Southeast Asia Region Vessels - GulfMark

Southeast Asia

Over the past several years, we have expanded and transformed our fleet in Southeast Asia to meet robust demand for modern, high-capability vessels and marine support services. Advanced exploration technology, rapid growth in energy demand across the Pacific Rim and the foray into deeper water and more remote locations have created a need for newer, larger and higher-specification vessels. In addition to mobilizing several of our North Sea vessels into Southeast Asia over the past years, we have added ten newbuild vessels to our Southeast Asia fleet to replace older vessels that have been sold.

Our Southeast Asia market extends from the Indian subcontinent on the west to China in the north and includes offshore Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and Singapore.

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Southeast Asia Region vessels